Welcome to We Do SharePoint.com

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Welcome to We Do SharePoint.com

We have been doing SharePoint as a consultancy service since 2001 and working in SharePoint since its launch as team services in 1999 (as a Beta service). Now this is all we do… SharePoint is an interactive platform that can manage and deliver the right information to the right employee ensuring efficiency in accessing the right information they need to do their job.

With 25 years’ experience in Information Management at a senior level Steve Dalby oversees all SharePoint projects for the business and as you can see we rarely have a week passing when we are not building a new application (using only SharePoint OOTB* functionality) to share information and knowledge around the business ensuring that it is up to date and accurate and owned by a member of the business to ensure it is maintained and removed when it is no longer Valid.

Sei-IS believe that SharePoint is a Game Changer in Business Terms if it is implemented correctly. Our customers move through three stages of SharePoint life

  • Structure: Providing Home for Data with ownership and management
  • Information: Sharing the information so when someone wants information they can look and search for it
  • Knowledge: Where SharePoint understands what a user needs to see and can Deliver knowledge on a daily basis to every user

Use the contact icons on this page to get in touch and let’s chat about how Sei-IS Consultancy can make the SharePoint-Change in your business.

*OOTB: Out Of The Box